Sunday, May 5, 2013

Moving Day

It's almost time for us to move! The people we are renting from want us to move in on the 15th instead of beginning of June. So much needs to be figured out and done before I will be able to get in the house. That's why we wanted to move closer to June. We now have to tear down a rotting deck and rebuild one with a ramp so I can get in the house all by the 15!! I myself am starting to stress about that. We also need to put in a fence but that can wait a little bit. A friend of mine is coming over next weekend to help me pack which will be helpful. I'm excited but starting to get nervous at the same time.

On another note I found out when graduation is for summer class at KSDS. I now need to talk with the trainer and see if im in the class or not. I'm praying I am.

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