Sunday, May 26, 2013

What A Month!

May has been one hell of a month! Everything that could go wrong did. Our move is on hold till this week. After we signed our lease we found all sorts of stuff wrong with "our cute little house." We found that:

1. a new roof is needed
2. windows DO NOT open
3. screens are needed
4. wires had to be fixed
5. AC control panel needed replacing
6. toilets needed fixing
7. sink in 1 bathroom needed fixing
8. had to build ramp onto deck to get me in the house(we knew that)
9. closets need closet rods
10. needs stove & fridge(they gave us stove)
11. air vents needed

Lisa's ex-husband and ex-father-in-law built the ramp onto the deck for us. They also cut our yard too. While they were mowing our yard one of the city counsel members was driving by and stopped to thank them because it was getting bad. Come to find out the owners at one time had to be taken to court to tear down their garage because it was so bad. They also said the neighborhood was trying to get it condemned because it turned into a "drug house." It isn't in a bad part of town but guess the owners were letting anyone rent it. The counsel member looked around and sent an inspector and fire marshal out the following day.We find all this stuff out days before we were to move in. Since so much needed to be done we pushed moving back about a week. Nothing still had been done on the house and owners said they never got a list(which is a lie!). Tuesday of this week the fire marshal shows up and does a walk through and gives the owner a list of what has to be done. It takes the fire marshal showing up to get things done. Now we have working toilets, a working AC control panel, new ceiling fans, light for the deck, windows that open(3 out of 15 windows may not lock or open 1"...6 out of 15 don't have screens at all, the others do but have rips in them). Friday we took a load to the house ans started unpacking some. Lisa has the kitchen almost completely unpacked. While unpacking the kitchen we realized we only have 1 outlet in the kitchen to use.

On our way home Friday we had to stop and get gas. As Lisa was pumping gas someone drove up beside us, hopped out, opened the passenger door, grabbed Lisa's purse and drove off. I started yelling and Lisa popped her head in asking me what was wrong and I told her "HE HAS YOUR PURSE!" She turned just in time to catch the license plate number. After waiting 2 hours for cops to show up; and they didn't until after we got home, we decided to go to a station in the morning. While waiting for cops we call banks to cancel cards and my parents to let them know what happened. This is the 4th time within 8 months! So glad to be moving out of a big city.

There was 1 thing good that happened to us. We found a puppy! We took her back to her owner and they said keep her. Lisa's ex-boyfriend is taking her but I feel she will probably be staying with our pack. She's such a lover and a snuggle bug! Lisa's ex named her Sarah...Lisa & I named her Mulcahy when we found her but he said she looks like a Sarah.

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Sarah and KSDS pups said...

Wow! I have had personal experience with a slum/drug landlord so I know your pain! They fix nothing or make sure to do it as cheap as possible without doing it correctly! Very frustrating.

Puppy looks cute!love the name ;)