Thursday, April 16, 2009

9 Months Already?

Watty and I have been a team for 9 months(2 days ago). WOW!!! This past month has been a little quieter. My normal daily routine with him is getting smoother and I have learned that I HAVE to feed Watty by hand. He had gotten sick a few days because he ate to fast. Nothing to exciting happened this month. March 14 we saw Josh Turner and he did great. Other than that all that happened was Easter. We had family come for Easter and he did well. Katie was here for Easter and Watty knew not to test her. He did get to play with her and they both had a fun time. Katie has helped show me how to work on two tricks with him. We are working on wave and bow. I think he was taught wave because he picked that up quick. The next few months we are going to have fun. I was asked to be in my cousin's wedding on our "anniversary" and of course I said yes so we are excited. Off to our next adventure.