Friday, April 3, 2009

Chilly's Pet Pals

I am a big hockey fan and when I heard our team was sponsoring a pet night where fans could bring their dogs I wanted to go. Yeah I know I get to take Watkins any way but I thought it would be fun. I asked Olivia if she would go with me and she agreed to go. We had a blast. We got there early and checked out what they had. The Aeros had teamed up with the Humane Society so they were there with some dogs(puppies) that were up for adoption. They also had the Texas Wildlife Rehab, search and rescue and a few doggie spas. Of course I saw puppies and went straight there. They had four dogs and at first I thought two of them were yellow labs but I found out that they were beagle mixes. They were precious. I so wanted to take one of the yellows home but I knew mom would kill me:). After we spent some time with the puppies we went and got our seats. I have taken Watkins to 3 hockey games before this one and he has had trouble laying still or where I want him. Well this time he did great. I told him down and he went straight down and watched the game. His head was bouncing like he was at a tennis match. During one of teh intermissions there was a drumline that performed and when they started Watkins poped up and watched them. It was so funny. He did so well with all the dogs that were there.Snickers pulling on his brother(two of the four puppies)

Olivia holding Snickers

Can we get one mommy?

Lady Dynamic(Aeros dancer)

Bloodhound for the Houston Police Dept.

Very sweet pitbull

The group of 5 Great Danes

One of the fan's dogs

Watty at the game

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Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY Watty - you do good work. I like your frog legs!