Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toyota Texas Bass Classic

Sunday Olivia and I headed to lake Conroe for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. There were two reasons I wanted to go and it wasn't the fish. The tournament had a concert between the weigh ins of the fish. The two acts were Julianne Hough and Josh Turner. People know Julianne more from Dancing With The Stars than a country singer but she is good! She sang songs off of her first album and also sang some new songs she is working on. Loved the whole set she did. During her song That Song In My Head she came off stage and said hi to the crowd. I was sitting in front of the gates they had up so I was sitting about 10 feet away from the stage.
Since I was singing along Julianne stopped at me and sang a verse with/to me. After her set Olivia and I went around the stage so I could call a friend. When I was about to call my friend the guy that helped us came to us and said we would have to sit behind the gate while they weigh the fish since that was next. A few minutes later he came back and asked me my name. He than ran off and I yelled to him "Why?" I later found out why.

Before they started the weighing of the fish the guy came back with a signed poster from Julianne written out to me. The guy said that Julianne said she "knew" me. He asked me if I followed her around and I said that I follow her on Twitter. He seemed very shocked that that is how she "knew" me. Later on I found out that if I hadn't had moved from where I was during her performance I would have gotten to meet her!!!!

Between Julianne and Josh's sets they had the last 10 bass wranglers weigh their fish to find out who won. I thought it was going to be boring but actually it was quiet fun. It was interesting hearing what they do and how much they make fishing. The winner won $210,000 and a boat! One wrangler talked about winning $1,000,000. Olivia and I decided our future husbands need to take up competitive fishing :P. The winner, Dave, won by 4 ounces!
Dave was told to lift the trophy up over his head so everyone could see it and this is what happened....

As soon as the competition was over I had a gazillion teens around me. I almost had 2 sitting in my lap and I was right at the gate. As one of the security guards were passing by I asked if I could sit on the other side because I would get injured if I stayed there when Josh came out. He said yes since I sat there for Julianne's performance. This time I sat in front of the middle of the stage. I screamed and sang all the songs.

During his song Your Man he looked straight at me and pointed at me. I flipped out...the way he sang it...I melted!!! After the set on our way back to the van the truck with his band pasted Olivia and I; one of the band members in the back of the truck pointed and screamed at me "You sang all the songs so awesome!" I laughed and said thanks and of course Olivia yelled back "Where's Josh?" All in all we had an awesome day!!

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