Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Take Me There

Time for our favorite guys to come out and they came out with a bang! It was time for me to hold my "I Love Bass Players!" sign. I had to show my love for Jay. Gary was the first to read it and he gave me this look like what about me. I cracked up and shrugged my shoulders. When Jay spotted it he gave me a huge smile and a wink...I was in heaven! Chank the bands fiddler saw me and waved at me while playing. Since I was at the stage I got a lot of attention from the guys and I loved it of course. At one point I caught the eye of Joe Don and asked him for a guitar pick from across the stage. He acknowledge me and in the next song he came over and gave me a pick. My first Joe Don pick...it only took me 8 shows to get one lol.

During the song Take Me There Gary stopped right in front of me and grabbed my hand. He sang almost the whole chorus to ME!! I was singing back and looking at him. He stole part of my heart then. My friend Alicia was jealous of me but she forgave me for taking Gary for that moment. She is a Gary girl hehe.

At one point Jay and Joe Don stopped beside us and we got Watty to put his paws on the stage again. As soon as we put his paws up there Jay looked down and jumped because he wasn't expecting a dog to be there. While Watty was up there Chank(the fiddler) was walking past saying "Watty, Watty, Watty, Watty" of course Watty was getting all excited! He was waging his tail like crazy and kangaroo hoping trying to get on stage! Silly boy.

Toward the end of the show Jay walked past us and the stopped in front of us. Jen asked if she could grab a guitar pick off his bass and he nodded yes. After she grabbed one he pointed to her and she had no clue what he wanted. At first she thought maybe he wanted to trade a guitar pick with her since she had some around her neck. He shook his head no so then we thought maybe he wanted the snowcaps I had in my hands for him and he shook his head no again. Finally he bent down and touched her camera. Jay wanted her camera! She gave it to him and he took a picture of me from the stage!!! It came out awesome!!! Thanks Jay!

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