Monday, March 21, 2011

What a Weekend!!

Last weekend I had a girls weekend with 6 amazing friends a girl could ever ask for. We all love Rascal Flatts so we were following them on their last weekend on the road till summer. The shows we had lined up were the Houston Rodeo, Oklahoma City, and New Orleans. Becca came down from New York and Deb met us in OKC from Florida. Rodeo was a blast because Becca had never been to a rodeo before. Jen, Becca and I met our friend Alicia at the rodeo and she was staying over with me so we could head out the next day for OKC. Friday we headed out to OKC with Adina, Alicia, Becca, Jen and I(and Watty of course) to our hotel. We went up a day early since its about an 8 hour drive from Houston to OKC. We were all goofing off in the van and made the 8 hours fly by. Three of the girls(Adina, Alicia, and Becca) were tweeting each other and we were all cracking up. The hotel room we had in OKC was huge!

Saturday we got up and got ready because we had to be out by check out. We went and picked up Deb from the airport and took her to her hotel. We finished up getting ready at Debs hotel since we had to get ready early at ours. When Deb checked in she heard the desk clerk talking to someone about the concert and how her friends had tickets but she wasn't able to get a ticket. Deb knew we had an extra ticket and told us about it. We went to her and asked her if she wanted the ticket and she about died when we said we had one and she could have it. Her reaction was priceless!

Once we were ready we headed to the venue. Since we are part of the Rascal Flatts Street Team we got to go in early to help distribute fliers before the show. Jen and I did a few rows on the floor and had Watty off leash but between us and worked on recall. He did amazing! Chris Young's band was doing sound check while we were working the floor and working with Watty. After we finished passing the fliers out we went to the pits and waited to get our spot right up front. Once our spot was found Adina, Becca, Watty and I had meet and greets with Chris. We decided we wanted to be at the back of the line. When we got in the room where the meet and greets were going to take place Chris walked in and looked at the 3 of us and said "Hey Girls" after he said that we busted out laughing and wondering if he was reading the tweets Adina, Becca, and Alicia were tweeting each other the day before. They had added Chris' twitter name in each tweet. Once it was my turn I went up to him and he said Hi Watty and petted Watty on the head. I was kinda shocked he remembered Watty's name from a month before. I got a hug from Chris and he loved the shirts Becca and I had on.

"The Chris Club"
Becca, Me & Jen

Adina & Me

Chris Young & Me

Watty watching Chris on stage

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Sarah and Vance said...

I LOVE that last one where Watty is watching the stage :)
You are sure busy and are putting in alot of miles of fun!
Looks like you had a great time