Monday, April 14, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

I went with Desirae to her sex ultrasound today and we saw she is having a boy. She really wanted a girl. The person that came to get her for the ultrasound was VERY rude. She saw me and said she can't go in with us but after we can bring her in. After she said that she said we don't have anyone to watch her while we are doing your ultrasound. HELLO I can watch my self. Those are the people I hate; they see someone in a chair and thing the have NO BRAIN. Um I graduated college cum laud. Those people urk me. Other than that 2 months/29 days/14 hours/2 minutes until I meet my new baby.


Lisa & Runza said...

I know - you just "LOOK" young. *wink*


Awesome! Its a boy!! man a nephew would be neat for me because I have ten nieces, but no nephews :(
That's because they were afraid you were going to rip up the halls with your wheelies. LOL! :)