Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Many, Many, Many Thoughts

Today was a busy day. I had therapy, nurse visit (I'm okay), and a doctors appointment. Doctor says I am a okay. I found out that I didn't get the job I went to an interview last week for. Oh well next time I will get it.

Attendant that was suppose to come last night never did. He is not my attendant so I am back to square one. I will fax and put ads out tomorrow. Its a never ending saga for me.

I also had a bitchy moment today for a few minutes after seeing a commercial of someone I know saying how awesome and great she is. Also how wonderful everything is. Well why can't I have it as easy as she seems to have it. I guess its because I don't have as big a self esteem as she has. I am trying to get a better one. Tomorrow is a new day.


Lisa & Runza said...

You are awesome and great in my book! :)

Good luck on your next attendant. There is a reason for everything and I'm sure there is a reason for this even though can't quite see it yet!


I second what Lisa said!! :)
Some people just are really annoying in that way.
I hope you can find a job soon! just remember, you want to be able to enjoy working there or its none other than an actual "job"
take care! Hope to see you soon sometime!