Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tweety Bird

We had a visitor yesterday, A BIRD, in our house. Yesterday my dad let out dog out to hurry up and a bird flew in. At 6 am I woke up hearing my dad yell "No, No, NO!!!!!!!" Since my dad has heart problems I was kinda freaking out thinking he was having a heart attack until he said a bird had flown into our house. After a few minutes my mom tried to help my dad and they thought he had flown out. Yesterday afternoon mom heard "Tweedy" chirping so she tries and gets it out with no luck. Once dad gets home he tries with no luck. Well we went to bed with the bird still in the house. This morning we try again with no luck. Mom and I had errands to run so we did them. Mom came back and sewed a little bit. After awhile she heard chirping again and saw the bird had finally came down from the ceiling. She was able to get close enough to get a towel around the bird and take him outside. So tonight we are bird free.


Lisa & Runza said...

Oh my, I've heard of cats finding their homes and picking out people, and the same with dogs. But not birds! What a wild experience!!! That's ONE determined bird.


oh dear!!! A bird!?!? Goodness! where's the gun!?! Just kidding! Glad he got out safely