Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ford Dealership

We needed to get the cruise control changed out of our van, change the oil and rotate tires. My attendant and I got to the dealership around 10:15 and didn't leave till 2:45. They started with the cruise control and oil change. When they got to the tire rotation they took the tires off and noticed that they had dry rot and were cracking on the sides. Well we had already been sitting for 2 hours and they said it would take another hour and fifteen minutes. Off we walked to Macdonald's across the parking lot while they do the tires. We got home and then mom noticed the tires were the WRONG size. Dad got home and he took the van back up and got a rental because it was closing when he made it up there. Now we have to get the lift on the van checked and the get the van have a overlook by our auto mechanic. 3 1/2 weeks till class and oh yeah dad's heart surgery too. AHHHHHHHHH

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