Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jason's Deli debacle

Desirae and I went to meet Richard and Trotter for lunch today at Jason's Deli. I chose the Jason's Deli by my house because I know one of the assistant managers. We walked in and I said hi to him behind the counter. Richard was ordering and all of a sudden another assistant manager walked up asking me if it was a guide dog. I told her it was a puppy in training to be a guide or service dog and it was okay for him to be in there. She said she had to ask her boss and I think he burst her bubble allowing him in there. As she was asking her boss, my friend said not to worry that it was ok. Richard got up to get something and the assistant manager threw a fit he took Trotter up to the counter with him because "this is a deli and I don't wanna be fined." She waited on us hand and foot so we wouldn't get up. Oh well we enjoyed talking and laughing at the assistant manager;). Here are some pictures of the cute Trotter. He is just a sweetie.I gave Trotter the toy he has in his mouth. It was one of Shocker's. Yes I washed it before I gave it to him.


Lisa & Runza said...

ah, looks like you had a great time!


oh that's funny that he was having an "issue"
Isn't Trotter so cute?! I saw him at PupsDaze this weekend and apparently, he is the smallest of the litter.