Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas at the Derx'

This is a long post of pictures and they are out of order. I will just tell what each picture is and you will see how crazy our Christmas was.
Mom sat next to me to help me open gifts and Watty also helped to at times. This is Mom opening her gift card from Ian so she can go buy more fabric.

Maynard enjoyed a rib after dinner from the roast. Watty didn't get a rib but he did get a human bite sized piece of the roast. I guess he liked it because he looked at me for another piece but I told him only on special occasions he gets ONE piece.

Mom laughing as she unfolds my snuggie. She was laughing because Ian and Justin burst out laughing that I got a snuggie. They had said that they talked about that infomercial the other day and wondered who would order that and it was a 30 minute infomercial. Hey it keeps me warm and I am usually wrapped up in a blanket during the winter so its perfect. I just wish I was the person who thought of it.

Ian after he rolled off the couch onto the floor in hysterics when I opened my snuggie.

Watty "helping" unfold the snuggie.

Watty wanted to try the snuggie and see what everyone was laughing at.

Me laughing at the whole situation.

Ian modeling my snuggie. Crazy brother(haha).

Justin and the Christmas underwear everyone seems to get at Christmas time.

Jessica watching Ian open his presents with Houdini in her lap.

Ian opening his "windshield wipers" which Justin wrapped money because Ian never said what specifics Justin needed to get the right ones.

Houdini protecting our gifts under the tree. He was also making sure no one opened any till Ian and Jessica arrived.

This picture is sideways sorry. This is Chip trying to stay out of the way. He got some duck treats for Christmas.

Watty opening his Hide a Bee. He ran around the house with it playing with it while we were opening presents. He even "stung" dad with a bee. The bee was falling out of his mouth and he used dad's back to help push it back in.

I think this is right before dad got "stung".

Every year dad plays Santa. This year he wore his Texas A&M Santa hat I got him last year.

Two of the fur babies enjoying Christmas. (l-r Watty 3 yrs old, Maynard 11 yrs old)

Houdini even got treats.

Dad and my stocking

Our tree


Lisa and Ellie said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Loved all the photos!

Sarah, Tara, Annie, and Sammy said...

I think I missed this post! Houdini looks just like kansas, and even acts like him too!
I bet that bee toy was fun. I know Annie would love one of those :)
Looks like everyone had a good Christmas