Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Watty is a mess. Yesterday we went to the mall to shop and see Santa. We were there from 3:30-9 doing Christmas shopping and waiting on pet night to start so Watty didn't get his daily nap in. He sure did let me know he needs it.*laughs* We were in one shop and he decided I needed a sweater and pulled the pile of 3 down, comfort sleep now has dog beds and he wanted the stuffed dog that was on the bed, in Old Navy there was a red toy on the floor(I think it reminded him of the tomato at KSDS because I sure had his attention when it was in my hand) and he picked it up, then he decided at hallmark he needed a webkinz, during dinner he barked, and I also ran his paw over. I was so happy to be home and tired.

This morning my attendant, Olivia, was brushing and putting Watty's harness and halti on while I was doing message therapy. Well this is as far as she got with him while I was busy with massage. After massage he got his harness on. Olivia had put his halti on and was reaching to get his harness and he ran and grabbed his bowl and wouldn't budge.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

my he's a stubborn koot isn't he!? HA HA!