Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope all moms had a wonderful day yesterday. Moms was good, Watty even gave her something. Around his dinner time I noticed some fabric on the floor close to me so I told him to get it, thinking he would not get it but he did. I praised since we are having retrieving problems. I told him to take it to mom which she was sewing on the sewing machine. He went to her and she said he didn't have anything(we were in the same room). Yes you can see where I am going, he swallowed two 9x2 inch pieces. Mom became the vet and gave him peroxide. First we didn't know how much to give so thanks to Google I found a video of how to do it if necessary. He did not like us and he even wiggled out of his collar. He did throw it up thank God. Mom was freaking out she was going to poison him but we did what we were told from last time so I had to keep reminding her. Other than that mom had a great mother's day.

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