Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A picnic and a big mouth

Saturday Mom, Dad, Watty and I went to a picnic at dad's friend's house. The friend has about 18 acres and the wife does aquatic therapy with horses and they also board horses. When we arrived Watty saw one of the horses in the pasture and barked his head off inside the car. He calmed down and was good except he did bark while the band was playing. Some of the ham radio guys have made a band and Watty decided to sing along:P. Actually he just barked once alerting me he needed to do his business. Such a good boy. There was also a 6 week old filly/foal(whichever it is called) and they said she was already $50,000. We were and still are shocked at that price. Other than that we had a good time.

Watkins has such a big mouth. He can get about 3 toys in his mouth. He is crazy. He even growls and barks at times with toys in his mouth. Watching Watkins personality bloom with me is enjoyable. I love finding all his silly quirks.

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