Thursday, May 14, 2009

Month 10

Watty and I have been buddies 10 months now. This month we haven't done anything exciting except getting stuff worked out for this busy upcoming summer. I found a dress for Shannon's wedding and had to find dresses for the bridal lunch and rehearsal dinner so that is all done. I also found out that Watty does not like the noise level at the hockey games so I am saddened that I will not take him to the games unless I can somehow get him to overcome the fear.Watty has been a bad little puppy but I love him. He ate another piece of fabric on mother's day so mom got to play vet on mothers day. This morning I found out that I will get to meet Joe Don, Jay, and Gary of Rascal Flatts when I go to their concert in June. I am very excited about that. Next month's update will be a lot longer. We have a few activities coming up.

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